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Middle School

Program Prerequisites

  • Your student must currently be enrolled in grades 6 - 8.

  • Your student's school district must not offer a Middle School Diving program.

  • Student must have passed the beginning level of Learn to Dive class or equivalent.

Practice Schedule

Practice will be held at Worthington Pools on Friday Evenings from 7:45pm-9:15pm from 11/10/23-1/12/24.

Possible Exceptions to these dates are as follows:

  • 11/24/23

  • 12/22/23

  • 12/29/23

Meet Information

Typically, there are three to five competitions per season. The confirmed schedule is below. More meets TBA. Note that meets can be changed or added throughout the season.


Transportation to and from meets is the responsibility of the family. All athletes are to wear a black suit for competition.

  • 12/15/23 at Worthington Pools (Time TBD)

  • 1/15/24 Location & Time TBD

  • 1/20/24 Location & Time TBD

Regular Meet Requirements:

  • Front Dive + 4 other dives, representing 3 groups (5 total dives).

  • 8 entries only - 4 males and 4 females. Exhibition entries are permitted.

Championships Schedule & Dive Requirements:

  • TBD

Attire & Apparel

There are currently no team suits, but for competition we ask that everyone wear a black suit.


Each diver registered will receive a team T-shirt.


A store will be open for additional team spirit-wear purchases.


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