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Planning the Future of Worthington Pools

August 25, 2023

Greetings from Worthington Pools!

With the summer season ending on Labor Day, there is much to report concerning the pool complex on the grounds of Thomas Worthington High School (TWHS) – especially the complex’s outdoor facilities, which date back to the 1950s and which will not last many more years.  A decision about their redevelopment is needed now.

The popularity of the outdoor facilities is indisputable.  More summer memberships were sold in 2023 than ever before.  Requests for individual swimming lessons also set a record.  So did total revenues, which covered all operating and maintenance costs during the summer.  The presence of outdoor pools enhances the value of all our houses.  The aquatic complex is also where Worthington residents (especially families with children) gather, often by the hundreds on hot summer days.

Millions of dollars will be saved if the outdoor pools and related infrastructure are rebuilt where they already are – between the natatorium, which Worthington City Schools is about to replace, and TWHS, which is being reconstructed.  Some savings will result because Worthington Pools’ members and guests are allowed to use the school’s parking lot, so no expenditures on a new parking area are necessary.  Land acquisition costs will be avoided as well since Worthington City Schools makes the existing site available for a token payment.

Swiminc (the non-profit entity that developed and continues to manage Worthington Pools) made the case for municipal investment in the outdoor complex to the City Council early this year.  Around the same time, SwimInc commissioned Brandstetter-Carroll (an architectural-engineering company) to study redevelopment options.  On June 1st, that firm reported that the estimated cost of reconstructing the three outdoor pools, the changing and concession areas, and all other infrastructure is $15.4 million.

Swiminc will not profit from this investment – a generational investment that will allow the entire community to celebrate the centennial of Worthington Pools 31 years from now, in 2054.  Above all else, SwimInc is dedicated to saving outdoor aquatic recreation for each and every resident of this city.

If you have an opinion on this issue, now is the time to share it with your elected representatives on the Worthington City Council.

Additional information about redevelopment of the outdoor complex is available below.

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