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Private Instruction

Private lessons provide an alternative learning environment and instructor-to-student relationship. Private instruction may be a better fit for certain learning styles or preferences.

  • Four 30-minute lessons for $125

  • No refunds, no make-ups

  • Hit "Register" in the lesson tables below to sign up

Semi-Private Lessons

  • Two Students: One Instructor

  • Four 30-minute lessons for $180

  • No refunds, no make-ups

  • Registration:

1. Hit “Register” in the lesson tables below to enroll your first student.

2. ONLY add your second swimmer’s info to your Jackrabbit Parent Portal. Do not sign up for a second class.

3. Email


The Fine Print

Due to the nature of our scheduling, there are no make-up sessions and there are no refunds. Outdoor classes are held rain or shine – we will instruct out of the pool during inclement weather. 

Schedule Updates

This information is provided within Jackrabbit – the program you have used to register for class. Visit the Parent Portal for important updates and news in the event of any class schedule changes.

Registration & Team Members

To register, select an instructor and click the green text titled “Register for Classes” to see class options. If no classes are shown, registration may not currently be open, or all classes with that instructor are full.


As a seasoned high school science teacher and coach, I have taught swimmers of all ages (2 months to 92 years) for decades, coached 5-8 year olds for Worthington USA Swim Team, and also worked with every level of triathlete. Having passions in education and the science of athletics has guided me to earn an undergrad degree in Biology and Chemistry and a Masters degree in Education. Not only do I love teaching swimming, I understand the physics, psychology, and physiology involved in learning how to swim and swimming well!


I’m happy to work with every level – I believe I’m best with level 4, 5, on up. But I have plenty of experience and success with total beginners (young and old), babies and toddlers, fearful swimmers, children with disabilities (experiences with Down’s Syndrome and autism) and adults – and I’m happy to teach all level & age swimmers!


I bring over a decade of swim lesson expertise and 12 years of competitive swim background, I offer a wealth of knowledge as a seasoned swim instructor. Specializing in personalized instruction for both children and adults, I tailor lessons to suit all abilities, instilling confidence in newcomers and refining techniques for seasoned swimmers. My journey includes coaching with the Worthington Swim Club, where I have honed my skills working with diverse age groups, from beginners to advanced competitors. Equipped with a degree in Healthy Lifestyles and Fitness Science, I understand the intricacies of both sport and wellness. In and around the water, my focus is on safety and skill development. I look forward to working with you and sharing my love of the water. Let's make a splash together!



Hello! My name is Ethan. My professional aquatics experience dates back to 2019, where I began my career at the Reynoldsburg YMCA. Since then, I have also acquired a job as an assistant swim team coach. Going further back, I competed on various swim teams for over ten years.


I am a homeschooled student with a passion for swimming and teaching. I have swam all my life and have spent several years as a competitive swimmer. I love to teach all levels and ages. I really enjoy having fun in the water with the kids and working hard to help them achieve their goals. Starting out as a very timid swimmer, I now love to help kids conquer their fears and become confident in the water. I really look forward to working with you!


Hello! My name is Eleanor. I am 17 years old and a senior in high school at St. Francis DeSales. I have been swimming my whole life, and decided to join the swim team at my high school, freshman year. I am proficient in teaching all of the strokes, as well as flipturns and diving off of the block. I have 5 siblings (4 younger) and I babysit often so I have a lot of experience with kids, ranging anywhere from 3 months to my 13 and 14 year old brother and sister! In addition, I was a lifeguard the summer of 2021, but I chose to instruct instead the following year, because I enjoy teaching and interacting with others. 



Hi, I’m Matthew, an 11th grade student at Saint Francis DeSales High School. I have five siblings and lots of experience with younger kids. I have been on a competitive swim team for 2 years and really enjoy the sport. I have been working here for around 6 months. I can teach all levels of swimming, from beginner levels to advanced stroke techniques and have personal and teaching experience with freestyle, backstroke, breast, and butterfly. 


My name is Destany and I am a 19 year old high school graduate with a love for swimming. I have been swimming for as long as I can remember being placed in the water only 6 weeks after I was born. I started my career path teaching kids ages 3 months to 14 years old how to not only be safe around the water but to find joy being in the water. I have a two year old little girl who I started teaching to swim around 11 months old and she has now developed a love for water as well. I look forward to teaching your kiddos how to swim and enjoy water while being safe and comfortable



Hey there, I’m Angelina Milanov! I am 18 years old and just graduated from Thomas Worthington High School. I've been a lifeguard at the Worthington Pools for 2 years, and I've been teaching swim lessons for about a year now. I absolutely love teaching all different ages and levels! My peers would describe me as outgoing, energetic, and attentive. My goal is to make sure that everyone I teach feels comfortable in the water and learns to love swimming by improving their skills. Oh, and I have a special touch for the little kiddos— singing songs and rhymes with them is my secret. And for the big kids, I try to find ways to make things more exciting, they love friendly competition. It's so rewarding when my students come back for more lessons because they enjoy what they're learning with me. Can't wait to work with you or your kiddos soon!


As a former competitive swimmer and life long water enthusiast, I couldn’t have found a better way to translate my love of swimming to the next generation than teaching swim lessons. I have worked with children ages 3-18 for 10 years honing my coaching skills under The Homeschool Gym and Leg Up Sports, and have over 5 years of swim lessons experience with all levels of comfortability. My passion is to teach water safety to make sure your children feel comfortable and confident when swimming; whether that be in a pool, or in open water. I also enjoy coaching pre-comp/competitive swimmers on form and technique to help them achieve their goals for the season.

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Hi, my name is Jackson. This is going to be my fourth summer at Worthington Pools and my second year teaching swim lessons. I attend Ohio University where I play Ice Hockey and I am an Exercise Physiology major in hopes of becoming a Sports Medicine Physician.

Anna Claire

Hello! My name is Anna Claire, and I am a rising sophomore at the Ohio State University. I have been teaching swim lessons for the past three summers, and I am so excited to start my fourth. I am comfortable with all ages and levels of swimmers, and I can’t wait to bring a personalized approach to every swim lesson. I have three years of experience working in Special Education classrooms as a peer leader and three years of experience as a lifeguard. I have a passion for teaching swimming, as it is an important safety skill I strongly believe everyone should have. I want to teach people to feel confident and capable in the water, no matter their skill level.



I have been teaching swim lessons for over 14 years (11 in Worthington) from infants to adults just learning to swim, preparing for swim team or training for a triathlon.  I have experience coaching 12 and unders for the Summer League Team (WAVE), Worthington Swim Club and experience coaching high school swimmers in Delaware and Worthington.  I love teaching swim lessons to children and adults of all ages and ability levels.


To register with Katie, send her an email!


I have been been a youth sports teacher since I was a teenager and a swim instructor for more than three decades. My two daughters were varsity swimmers, with one playing collegiate water polo, and now that they’re grown I enjoy passing on water skills to new generations.


I enjoy teaching all ages and skill levels and my biggest joys in teaching are seeing those who are afraid of the water or can’t swim overcome their fears and feel safe while swimming. I also take great enjoyment in fine tuning swimming skills for those who want to compete. Flip turns and starts are so much fun!


To register with Andi, send her an email!

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